My story

Years ago...very long time ago i've got my first camera. It was analog, so i spend a lot of time to run to the shop to develop the photos. The most were so stupid but i had a lot of fun. 

 As i got the first smartphone i used it at many concerts to take there some photos. Yes it's also my hobby to visit metal concerts since 2008.

2015 i realized that my pics are not bad and some metal bands use them on their social media accounts. What the hell? That was the turn to buy a professional camera, cause i really love it to capture the best moments!

Since last year (2017) i've got the chance to be one of the photographers for the DEAFNESS RADIO!



                                                                       A little summary of the bands I've photographed:


Arch Enemy

Beyond The Black


Children Of Bodom



Emil Bulls


Escape The Fate

Eskimo Callboy 

For I Am King

Infected Rain

Judas Priester




The Iron Maidens

To The Rats and Wolves

Wednesday 13

That's me
That's me